Flat Herringbone Bracelet: Blue and Gold




Tried a new technique out, and I must say I’m very pleased with the result. Expect more in this style.

It could have benefited from a flatter button, the button is rather round and might get in the way, but I’m still experimenting with these things.

It’s for sale for 15€. It’s ca 16,5 cm long. I would also make a custom one anytime.


Black and Red Tubular Netting




Commissioned work. Will make similar pieces starting at 35€. This one is 42 cm long and is intended to wear as a bracelet, but I certainly hope the clients wrist is thinner than mine, because I had to stretch it to fit over mine like that!

This piece posed several challenges because of bead size. The intersection beads (black and darker red) are smaller than the main beads. It took me starting the thing three times and unpicking it again before I found the right needle and the right thread tension.

It looks great in person though.