Beadwork Stock


So let’s see what I have on hand (the related captions are always under the pictures):

No-Name Cylindrical Beads:


I got the majority of them from random boxes on Ebay. I can restock some of those, others I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure those are Czech beads. They’re pretty decent and can be used for flat peyote or 3D work (dragons).


Sorry for the blurred picture, my hand must have trembled. Those are cylindrical beads too but they are not uniform in size and shape and can only be used in loose work: tubular peyote, or tubular netting.

Round Seed Beads:


These are Czech (Preciosa) Seed Beads, 11/0 size I guess. They’re pretty decent and can be used in all kinds of work, but flat peyote is better done with cylindrical beads. The dark ones (black, dark green, dark blue) are a size smaller than the rest of them and can’t handle too many passings.


Those are transparent round seed beads. Pretty decent in shape, too.


Those are weird matte beads. They are rather crappy because they’re all different size and shape, and can only be used in loose work, like Oglala Lace for example, where individual bead size doesn’t matter that much.





All of the above 4 pictures show round seed beads, of either Chinese or Czech origin. They are all wildly different in size and shape, so aren’t very good for flat peyote or 3d-works. They can be used in tubular peyote or tubular netting or different net-related works. They are bigger, probably 10/0 or 8/0 in size or somewhere in between – some of them are rather hard to categorize.

Odds And Ends:


I currently have a couple of larger beads I can use as accent or spacer beads. I have round green and blue glass beads, blue plastic spacer beads (on the right), two kinds of coloured glass beads, and small fire crystals (turquoise). Those are rather expensive.

And last but not least,

High Quality Miyuki Beads


I got some 15/0 Delica beads. Those are tiny, cylindrical, uniform in shape and colour, wildly expensive, and absolutely precious and I haven’t made anything with them yet because I’m kind of afraid to screw it up. They are perfect for peyote and 3d works.


Those are Miyuki Seed Beads. Those in the glass tubes are 15/0, the others are 11/0 except for the black ones, those are tiny too.


My selection of 6/0 Miyuki Seed Beads. They are rather big and I only have a few of them, so they can be used as accent beads on some works. Also present: blue matagamas.