Herringbone Bangle: Iridescent Blue


Interrupted Herringbone in blue tones. It’s missing a clasp yet. For sale for 20€.


Black and Red Tubular Netting




Commissioned work. Will make similar pieces starting at 35€. This one is 42 cm long and is intended to wear as a bracelet, but I certainly hope the clients wrist is thinner than mine, because I had to stretch it to fit over mine like that!

This piece posed several challenges because of bead size. The intersection beads (black and darker red) are smaller than the main beads. It took me starting the thing three times and unpicking it again before I found the right needle and the right thread tension.

It looks great in person though.

watercolor dragon sketch

Why hallo there

It’s not beadwork this time


Really I forgot how to do art but it’s decent for about 3 hours of fiddling with. It’s a quick watercolor pencil sketch of one of my Flight Rising dragons, Taresh. She’s the Clan Leader’s mate and I took some artistic liberty by depicting parts of her apparel as part of her body.