Edigan WIP


Watercolor sketch thing in progress (I am putting way too much work in to be a sketch so it’s kind of not anymore).

Here’s my reference.



Red And Gold Chain Finished



There was a change of plans so there’s a pendant instead of a key. I encountered several problems doing it, for example running out of white beading thread and having to continue with beige thread on the pendant. I learned a couple of things too.

I’ll make one like it for 40€. The pendant is a great deal of work.


I started my first S-Dragon! I made him after this tutorial by the very talented Rrkra. I messed up with bead count at a few places and he’s a bit wonky, with too much thread showing at places, especially at the snout, but it’s fine for the first time and my daughter loves him – she will keep him.


He’s not finished yet, I have to make the tail, but I already want to make more of those!